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Auction Procedure

Summary of auction process

Step 9: Do the work in case there are not enough people registered to participate (send the written notice and sign the Appendix of the auction contract next)

(Not enough bidders)

Step 13: Transfer the auction participant's deposit and transfer the winner's deposit


Step 1: Submit the property auction organization bid

Step 2: Sign the property auction service contract

Step 3: Issue the rules of the auction

Step 4: List and publicize the property auction

Step 5: View Property Auction

Step 6: Sell auction submission file

Step 7: Receive the registration form to participate in the auction

Step 8: Deposit your deposit

(Enough people to join the auction)

Step 10: Prepare for the auction

Step 11: Go to an asset auction

Step 12: Pass the auction to the owner of the property

Step 15: Liquidate the contract and monitor the settlement of the property auction service contract

Step 16: Save your auction file

      (Auction cost)

Step 14: Sign the auctioned asset sale and purchase contract and hand over the property